Well guys i have figured and you have too probaly that this game is sortofmeant to be as a replacement for the all known Lego Universe. Though it is hard for me to say it but i might not want to play this game and here are some of the reasons


1.first and foremost the game is top-down so a kiddish like experience we have seen in the gamescon gameplay there doesn,t seem to be a chat available but that might not be true

3.MOUSE CLICK? really? couldn,t they at least make it with an arrow control? can,t customize and stuff, or collect any cool equipment or items stuff like that

5. no pets. i am not trying to be a lego universe everything guy but at least they could let us have pets or more customization because as far as i can see it lik choosing a premade character.


1. there are more than 100 minifigures in the last 11 series so we won,t be seeing 20 ice skaters or cyclopses in one space.

2.i heard that lego will be realeasing a hero minifigure for each world and i have to say i am hyped about it.

3.Music the Lego universe music files will be back with the outstanding music quality. can put 3 minifigs as your favorites to choose from at one time so that is good or better meeting spaces


my overall opinion is that this game is gonna be lego indiana jones 2 in minifigures language because this is more of an adventure game and not socially based like Lego universe and it kind of makes me sad to think  that this game will be that different and i don,t know but there might not be an optin to chat with players.  I just hope everything works out.

NOTE: we have seen the pre-beta gameplay and we can guess off of that but who knows lego might make so changes on the full version of the game... also beta registrtion is open for it.

Lego universe for those who don,t know is a previous lego mmo game